Het nieuwe wetsuit van deboer : Ocean 1.0

Het nieuwe type wetsuit van onze partner deboer wetsuits : Ocean 1.0

Men’s Ocean 1.0 / Women’s Ocean 1.0
Redefine what’s possible – Performance Beyond Expectation


The Ocean 1.0 is a thermal lined wetsuit designed for athletes who never back down from a challenge.  We incorporated the same zero resistance shoulder movement technology found in our Flōh 1.0 wetsuit and added a ThermaFur thermal lining to create a no-compromises wetsuit.  We also integrated an Ocellus pattern on the Ocean 1.0 to make the wetsuit more visible from a greater distance.

Don’t let conditions dictate what you can do, when the Ocean 1.0 is paired with the Polar hoodie, gloves, and socks it will keep you warm in water down to 6°C/43°F.

SpecificationsSuper light 44Cell HBF-Limestone WhaleSkin™ neoprene

  • 1.5mm UltraFlex shoulders and arms construction
  • ThermaFur thermal lining
  • Ocellus pattern for increased visibility
  • Taped sleeves inside the wrist to keep cold water out
  • 5mm 48Cell Airfloat™ Stability Panels
  • GlideSkin™ Surface coating
  • YKK Stainless Steel bottom-up runner zipper
  • Anatomically correct fit ensures peak performance without restrictions
  • Rear zip entry for fast and easy entry and exit
  • Hand glued with double blind stitched seams
  • Made for Cold Temperatures down to 8°C / 46°F (down to 6°C / 43°F when paired with our Polar hoodie, gloves and socks)


Sizes Men:S, ST, M, MT, L, LT, XL, XXL

ThermaFur is a specially designed thermal lining developed in conjunction with deboer engineers and some of the top athletes in the world.  ThermaFur reflects the athletes body heat to keep them warm in cold-water swims.  ThermaFur is a polyester based brushed thermal lining with a water repellent quick dry coating.  The water repellent quick dry coating allows ThermaFur to be considerably lighter and more effective than traditional thermal wetsuit linings.

Ocellus Pattern
The Ocellus pattern increases the visibility of a swimmer.  The Ocellus pattern is strategically placed on each shoulder, the point of the elbows, and the back of the calves so that a swimmer can be spotted from a distance by another swimmer, a spectator on shore, or someone on a water vessel.  The Monarch colour was chosen because it has been proven to subconsciously trigger an alert signal in anyone who sees it – this will help keep the athlete safer in open water.

WhaleSkin- HBF Limestone Rib Neoprene
Limestone neoprene has a high micro-cell structure. These are independent closed cells (like bubbles) within the neoprene that are packed together at extremely high density. Limestone neoprene has a 94% cell penetration – over 30% more than oil-based neoprene leading to greater impermeability, lightness, warmth, durability and stretch with memory allowing more freedom of movement. Our WhaleSkin rib neoprene increases the surface by 18.3%, which in turn increases buoyancy and ultimately increases your speed.  In addition, it’s more environmentally friendly.

Warmer than our other materials yet is still incredibly flexible and highly durable. Our exclusive polymer is fingernail tear proof. It has advanced shape memory, 4-way super stretch, and is lined with an ultra-flexible insulating lining also with 4-way stretch.

Made from our HBF-Limestone neoprene (Highly Buoyant, Flexible, and lightweight 48 cell neoprene). We conducted studies to understand how adding buoyancy can affect swim position. Based on these studies, we positioned the panels to create maximum stability, minimize rotation and ensure better balance.

Our unique glide layer coating technology provides exceptionally low water friction and increases hydrodynamics. In addition, it reduces resistance when changing out of your wetsuit, thus, helping to save precious time during your race transition. This coating aids in the reduction of fingernail tears.

YKK Zipper
We only use YKK stainless steel zippers which close from bottom to top. This makes opening the wetsuit and getting out much easier and therefore, faster in transition.

Meer info vind je hier : OCEAN 1.0 Folio

Ruud de Haan

Ruim dertig jaar geleden aangestoken met het triathlonvirus. Als super-recreant races gedaan en door toedoen van Mels de Kievit aan de micro beland en die nooit meer los gelaten. Samen met maatje Wim van den Broek zo veel meer dan 1000 wedstrijden als speaker gedaan. Zo af en toe actief voor Eurosport als commentator bij triathlons.

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