Vrouwenweek 2021 (3) ; Dora Rozsa, de Hongaarse/Nederlandse official op het hoogste wereldniveau.

Plots was ze daar een aantal jaar geleden, die Engels sprekende official in het Nederlandse jurycorps.  De van origine Hongaarse Dora Rozsa. Globetrotter, moeder, ex triatlete en als official was ze dit jaar  tijdens de Paralympics in Tokyo aanwezig en eindverantwoordelijk tijdens de race in Abu Dhabi . Ze spreekt goed Nederlands, maar in een interview kiest ze toch voor het Engels. We spraken met haar over haar verleden, haar rol in de triathlonsport en haar “drive”.

I am Hungarian living abroad for more than 20 years, because of my husband’s job, so we moved around a lot. We lived in Lithuania, France, Belgium, Czech Republic and now Netherlands.  I officiate as a Self Founded Technical Official to have more international experience, we combined it sometimes with family vacation. Living in the Netherlands for 7 years, I joined NTB immediately to help the Dutch Technical Team and there are many great races in NL. My Dutch is ok, I admit, could be better, love to work with my Dutch Officials and I would encourage more people to get involved into our organization.  I am freelance sport event organizer in project basis and a personal trainer. I am also a long time member of the Dolfijn Triathlon Club in Amsterdam. Without family support I could not do this hobby what is now on a very high level.

I was a national swimmer, before I became a triathlete, competed on international level and made it to the national team for Hungary. I think I was a good triathlete but not good enough to make it to the Olympics, so I decided to study and started working. As a passionate person about sport and triathlon,  I continued as an Age Group triathlete and qualified for the Hawaii Ironman World Championship 2000. I was 25 years old that year.
After competing many years, started a family and we had 3 children in a short period of time and I started missing triathlon, so I decided to help athletes to race, compete on local and international level.

My Technical Official roles started as a hobby and it has changed a bit over the years, but it is still something what I am very passionate about until today, “ The only way to do great work is love what you do.” Started in Hungary with national competitions, passed my exam and started officiating and supporting events. Level 1 exam first, later Level 2 in 2012, 2016 and 2020 (revalidation) and now I have been invited to the  highest level (Level 3A course) in 2021 November in Madrid.

Some Age groupers needed support and help regarding the rules especially the first timers. I could see that it is so complicated for them to put all the things together they need to know before hand, concentrate, trying to finish and achieve their goals. We as TOs, we are there to help, support before, during and after the race, we are there when they are excited, when they crash on the bike, we help them as safety is our first priority. Helping is something that I love to do, guide them sometimes in difficult situations. We are there when they cross the finish line, we are happy when these athletes reach beyond their dreams, it is very emotional. I have been on that road, trained hard, sometimes gave up, sometimes got penalty because I did not know the exact rules.

Elite athletes are a completely different field as they need to know the rules, we need to make sure that the race is safe and fair, no advantage gained.

Amazing to see the worlds’ best Elite athletes competing for the best possible results, it is fascinating, and it is a fantastic feeling to be part of a national or/and international triathlon family. Technical Officials we work together in a team, as it is the only way to deliver the sport events, we support each other, help, educate the ones who has less experience.


I was selected for  the Tokyo 2020 Summer  Paralympic Games as a Technical Official representing Hungary and Netherlands was something I was dreaming about and it was an amazing experience.

I admit that the athletes with disability are heroes in my eyes, so I have started helping athletes on the Special Olympics World Games (athletes with intellectual disability) and became the Global Sport Advisor for Special Olympics International, responsible for the development of triathlon, pointed as a Technical Delegate for the 2023 Berlin Special Olympics World Games.

2021 finished for me with a big assignment as I was selected to be the Head Referee in Abu Dhabi World Triathlon Para Championship and WTS event.

As an official we help, we educate, we support, we work together on national or international level. We make sure that the competition fair and safe. We are part of the World Triathlon family, we are all passionate about our sport, we are friends and we love what we do…. Thank you NTB having me and hope to see you soon on competitions as an athlete, organizer, supporter or jury.

Ruud de Haan

Ruim dertig jaar geleden aangestoken met het triathlonvirus. Als super-recreant races gedaan en door toedoen van Mels de Kievit aan de micro beland en die nooit meer los gelaten. Samen met maatje Wim van den Broek zo veel meer dan 1000 wedstrijden als speaker gedaan. Zo af en toe actief voor Eurosport als commentator bij triathlons.

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